How to Stop Telemarketing Calls

Getting unwanted telemarketing calls can be annoying or downright aggravating depending when it comes or how long it takes to get the caller off the phone. When the telemarketing calls come daily, or sometimes more often, the harassment starts to take quite a toll on even the most patient person. The good news is that stopping most telemarketing calls is easy.

The first step to stop telemarketing calls is to put your telephone number on the federal Do Not Call Registry. Once you do it should take less than 30 days for most telemarketers to stop calling you. Most states also have their own do not call registries you can use in conjunction with the federal Registry. Use both to get the best results. Keep in mind that charities and political candidates can still call you since they are not subject to the do not call regulations.

The next step to stopping the annoying telemarketing calls is to simply tell the abusive telemarketer you want them to stop calling. This is less effective than using the do not call registry but creates an obligation for the telemarketer to put you on its own do not call list and to stop calling you within a reasonable time. Most will stop calling within a few days of your request but a few unscrupulous companies will often continue calling even after you tell them to stop.

Those two simple steps will stop most telemarketing calls. If the telemarketing calls continue gather your telephone records and keep a log of all harassing calls including, who called, when they called, what number they called from, what you told them, and what they told you. A sample log for your personal use is available here. You should also take a picture of the caller ID every time a telemarketer calls and, if legal in your state, record the call. In Utah only one party to a conversation has to consent so feel free to record telemarketing calls if you reside in Utah. If any telemarketers leave you messages record those too.

If telemarketers keep calling you after placing your number on the do not call registry and telling them to stop your best option is to sue. It may seem drastic but suing is not only a sure-fire way to stop the telemarketing calls, it can also be rewarding. Violations for breaking the telemarketing rules can be up to $500 per violation and even higher in some circumstances. You will need the log, recordings, and your telephone records discussed above to prove your claim so be sure to keep accurate and timely records.

Stopping most telemarketing calls is generally easy. For the unscrupulous few who won’t give up so easily, suing is your best option. In either case, if you have any questions or need help with a particularly obnoxious telemarketer feel free to call us.

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